Traditional Chinese beauty therapy.
A totally holistic approach to beauty and well being.

a natural way to look younger.

Natural, regenerating, revitalizing, Chinese beauty therapy is more than a beauty technique. It aims for skin rejuvanation and will have a lasting effect, fighting the signs of ageing with traditional tools and methods.
Our anti-ageing facial consists of an energizing deep tissue massage stimulating both the derm and the muscles.
The results : wrinkles are smoothed out, pores tightened up, cheeks, neck and chin toned up, eye pufiness reduced and the eye area lifted.
Your skin will regain elasticity and firmness.
The treatment will leave your face looking radiant and relaxed, with a brighter complexion.

Not just well being but a real body and mind regeneration..

Our body treatment is totally innovative in the sense that it tonifies, relaxes and detoxifes simultaneously, restoring inner balance and energy.
Using traditional Chinese medicine methods, principles and its star tools (guasha, cupping, tuina, moxibustion) the massage promotes a general state of well being as well as a moment of physical and mental harmony...

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