Where and when ?
Our training sessions take place in Paris or Marseille several times a year and last one, two or three days.

The instructor
Nadeije Bourgeois is in charge of the training. She is an outstanding instructor with fabulous knowledge and experience in TCM and beauty therapy and a passion for teaching.

The training

The training consists of three modules :

  • MI Luan body massage
  • M II Luan face massage
  • M III Cupping

Nadeije Bourgeois : (+33) 06 63 58 55 12 - n.bourgeois @club
Please contact Nadeije about the cost, the dates scheduled or any further information you may require.

The teaching
Our approach to in class teaching and clinical training is innovative and highly effective.
The face and body massages are both taught theoretically and practically not for beauty and Spa specialists to become Chinese energetics practitioners but to gain specific and solid bases in TCM, allowing them to have the tools they need to built rewarding and succesful careers   meeting the needs of a wider range of clients.
The trainees will consider their occupation from another angle and the training will add an unestimable expertise to their professional touch.

Le Massage corporel LUAN

Le Modelage Chinois facial Luan

Le véritable massage Chinois aux Ventouses.

Le véritable massage Chinois aux Ventouses.
Présenté en exclusivité au Congrès International d'Esthétique & Spa le 2 avril 2016, ce massage, conçu pour l'Institut et le Spa, est très fidèlement inspiré de l’Énergétique Traditionnelle Chinoise. Il utilise un outil de massage par excellence : la ventouse froide, instrument simple, original et d'une puissance étonnante. Ce massage traditionnel énergétique draine, rafraîchit, allège, relaxe. Il améliore toutes les stagnations et accompagne ainsi efficacement toutes les actions et régimes amincissants de vos clients. Il améliore l'aspect cutané externe autant que le fonctionnement physiologique interne global du corps. Un massage printemps-été dont les clients sont rapidement addicts !

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