Traditional Chinese Cosmetology
or Chinese Energetic Medicine serving Beauty and Well-being

The Energetic Cosmetologist transcends time and space. Being a beautician as well as an Energetics' specialist, he brings together thousand-year-old energy practices and modern aesthetic and cosmetic technics.

Chinese Energetic Medicine is preventive and healing. Since thousands of years it helps us lead a healthier life and allows us to live in harmony with our environment, while observing the internal physiological laws of our body and the external laws of our system and way of life (seasons, diet, lifestyle...). It uses various tools such as Gua Sha, cupping, TuiNa, acupressure, to answer two fundamental principles : treating the Mind and nourishing the Body. Chinese Energetic Medicine is also used since thousands of years in Cosmetology, working towards bringing our exterior beauty and light by reviving inner beauty.

Chinese Cosmetology wishes to re-establish a discipline which is not only a medicine, but more importantly a lifestyle and an Art of Well-being. Cosmetology and Well-being associated to Chinese Energetic Medicine, lead to an even more global approach of our client.

The treatments are nontherapeutics and without penetrating acupuncture.

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